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July 19th, 2024
Lecture - The 6th Battalion the Lincolnshire Regiment at Gallipoli and the Post-War Controversy - 31st July 2024

Peter Scoley Hall, Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre

The 6th Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment and their service in the ill fated Gallipoli campaign of 1915, assessing the post-war controversy that ensued when the time came to write the Official History..

Presented by Jonathan D’Hooghe

Doors open at 7pm

Lecture starts at 7.30pm

Members - FREE // Non-members - £5 - Includes tea/coffee and biscuits - Tickets available at the door - Donations of any items for use in future raffles or sales would be gratefully received.


July 10th, 2024
D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemorative Event - Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre

Sunday 25th August 2024 - tickets £10 per person which includes free entry into our WW11 Dakota.

Unveiling of memorial to Sgt. Black, 106 Sqn.

Meet Coningsby No. XV11 Squadron Air Training Corps Cadets.

WW11 Military Vehicles from the Mid LincolnshireMilitary Vehicles Trust (MVT).

Guided Tours of the Air Raid Shelters.

Behind the Scenes of the Museum Conservation Sessions.

A talk on the History of Metheringham Airfield by Mr Andrew Scoley.

Hot Food courtesy of EMS Sentry Post Snack Bar, from The WAVE.

CoffeeStall Cafe will be open to purchase light refreshments.

Further details here

June 13th, 2024
Dave Harrigan - Normandy D Day commemorations - RAF38 Group

Last week I was very fortunate to find myself in Normandy as the D Day commemorations were taking place.

On one particular day, Sunday 2nd June, I was lucky enough to have arranged to meet a person I had only known for over twelve years via e mail. His name is Bruno LeCaplain and he is the founder and chair of a French organisation dedicated to preserving the memories of aircrew flying within 38 Group and of SOE agents who had been parachuted by them into France to carry out clandestine operations.

Bruno is an extraordinary individual. On his own he has, over many years, raised the profile of this largely unknown and unsung story of bravery in WWII. His website, raf38group, is a testimony to recognising those aircrew and aircraft from a multitude of squadrons, flying mainly Albemarles and Stirlings, who carried out these daring deeds.

Bruno has been responsible for many of the plaques put up around the country recognising the crash sites of aircraft and also for the research into the individual crews who are remembered on these plaques.

On this particular day he had driven a great distance, from his home in Brittany, to pick me up in his car and chauffeur me around Normandy and in particular to the events taking place in Carentan. He used his extensive knowledge to describe in detail the various commemorations taking place and we were also able to witness the parachute jump performed by 101st Airborne in the fields adjacent to the town. The battles in the area were made famous in the excellent TV series “Band of Brothers”.

Such has been Bruno’s dedication to his task that the committee of AHL has decided to offer Bruno overseas affiliated membership of our Partnership and we have presented him with our plaque for him to display. He is a worthy recipient.

Dave Harrigan MBE, Development Officer, Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire

June 13th, 2024
Lecture - The Contribution of Allied Airpower to Operation Overlord - 26th June 2024

Peter Scoley Hall, Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre

The strategic background and key decisions leading to Operation OVERLORD; the precursor air operations; the air operations on D-Day; and the subsequent air operations until the 1st of September 1944.

Presented by Gp Capt Christopher Finn MPhil FRAeS FHEA RAF (Retd).

Doors open at 7pm

Lecture starts at 7.30pm

Members - FREE // Non-members - £5 - Includes tea/coffee and biscuits - Tickets available at the door - Donations of any items for use in future raffles or sales would be gratefully received.


May 20th, 2024
Lecture - RAF Coastal Command and the Battle of the Atlantic - 29th May 2024

Peter Scoley Hall, Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre

How the RAF handled the roller-coaster ride that Coastal Command was obliged to endure as it struggled against the Royal Navy, politicians and other commands of the RAF as well as a formidable foe.

Presented by Simon Kemp

Lecture starts at 7.30pm

Members - FREE // Non-members - £5 - Includes tea/coffee and biscuits - Tickets available at the door - Donations of any items for use in future raffles or sales would be gratefully received.


May 8th, 2024
American military nostalgia visit for RAF Saltby D-Day commemoration

A D-Day 80th anniversary event at Saltby airfield on 8 June will turn back the clock to commemorate its wartime role. RAF Saltby was home to America’s 9th Troop Carrier Command during 1944, flying paratroopers of the US 82nd Airborne Division to Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion of Europe. The D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemoration at RAF Saltby event, from 10.30 – 3pm, will include a service of commemoration, military re-enactors, an Army field kitchen and talks in the Buckminster Gliding Club clubhouse. The event is free but tickets for the airfield access and talks must be booked separately via Ticket Tailor.


Book tickets from Ticket Tailor here....

April 4th, 2024
Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre (MAVC) 2024 Lecture Programme

Peter Scoley Hall - Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre- Westmoor Farm, Martin Moor, Metheringham, LN4 3WF.

Members - FREE // Non-members - £5 (includes tea/coffee and biscuits).

Doors open at 7pm, Lecture starts at 7.30pm - Tickets available at the door.

24/4/2024 - Michael Credland BEM: "Biggles Goes To War"

29/5/2024 - Simon Kemp: "Coastal Command and the Battle of the Atlantic"

26/6/2024 - Christopher Finn: "The Allied Air Contribution to Op OVERLORD"

31/7/2024 - Jonathon D'Hooghe: "The 6th Battalion The Lincolnshire Regiment in Gallipoli and the post war controversy"

28/8/2024 - Tont Hibberd: "In Silent Tribute: The memorials of RAF Bomber Command 1936-1968"

25/9/2024 - Max Davies: "Current and future UK Remotely Piloted Air Systems: MQ-9 A to B"

30/10/2024 - Sqn Ldr Graeme Muscat ('Musky' - RED 10): "RAFAT - The Red Arrows" (including a review of the 2024 season)


April 2nd, 2024
Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre (MAVC) opens for its 2024 season

Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre (MAVC) opens for its 2024 season on Saturday 30 March with a range of new exhibits and stories based around the museum’s resident C47 Dakota, an example of the aircraft which were vital to the success of the Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944. The hangar in which the Dakota, whose wartime registration was KG651, has an exciting new set of display boards which tell the story of its wartime operations in Lincolnshire, including in casualty evacuation and repatriation at RAF Metheringham following D-Day.


February 19th, 2024
The Dicky and Dim Display

Living only three villages apart in Lincolnshire and attending the same primary and secondary schools together, George Charles Dickinson (Dicky) and Claude William Dimbleby (Dim) became good friends. During WW2, once old enough, both volunteered to join the RAF, and ended up in Bomber Command. Dim survived the conflict, but Dicky was killed on his second operation in February 1945. The collection is made up of personal memorabilia and stories associated with them, along with a few donated items, highlighting the differing fortunes of two families from that period.


February 17th, 2024
New Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire Brochure

Experience the excitement of Lincolnshire's Aviation History through Events, Aviation Trails and Heritage Sites. Join us on a journey through Lincolnshire's extensive and rich aviation heritage.

To download a copy of the Aviation Heritage brochure click here.

The brochure is in pdf file format.

Please be aware that it is advisable to check with the individual site first before visiting.

February 12th, 2024
Remembering RAF Scampton Anniversary Service

A special service to mark the anniversary of the closure of RAF Scampton.

To be held at Scampton Church.

Sunday 17th March 2024 at 11.15am.

Remembering RAF Scampton Service

February 9th, 2024
High Flying Women - Pioneering Aviators

From Monday 5th February 2024 at Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum. Discover the incredible stories of women who fought against adversity to achieve aviation history. From world famous Amy Johnson to the Episcopal Priest's wife who became a world class stunt pilot - come along and be inspired!

Tel: 01529 488490

Email: cranwellaviation@n-kesteven.gov.uk

Web: www.cranwellaviation.gov.uk

High Flying Women - Pioneering Women

February 8th, 2024
RAF Dunholme Lodge - A History

Airfield history fans among you may be interested in a new book on the history of RAF Dunholme Lodge, written by aviation author Stewart A. Scott. Copies cost £15 (or £20 with 1st class postage and packing) and can be ordered direct from the publisher at rafdunholmelodgeahistory@yahoo.com.

RAF Dunholme Lodge

December 5th, 2023
Newark Air Museum - Winter Pre-Owned Aviation Book Sale

Following several recent bequests and donations of aviation books the Newark Air Museum has decided to host a special Autumn Aviation Book Sale on Saturday 16th December 2023 from 10.30am until 2.30pm in the Volunteer Crewroom at the main museum site. The museum regularly receives offers of donations; however, that lack of appropriate storage space means that not all ‘donations’ can be automatically accepted. When they are accepted, it is on the basis that books that duplicate anything already held in the collection can be sold to raise funds, with the item that is in a better condition being the one that is retained. There are over 200 books that will be available for sale and these have all been accepted on the conditions mentioned above. ALL items will be sold as seen and the museum is unable to arrange for any mail order despatch of these items, or provide detailed lists of what is available. Cash sales are preferred for this Pre-Owned Aviation Book Sale. There will be no admission fee due for people just wanting to view and purchase books. Normal museum admission fees will need to be paid for anyone wishing to view our displays, and visit the café. There are toilet facilities in the Volunteer Crewroom and shoppers are welcome to visit the Museum Shop on the usual basis.

September 14, 2023
Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre - AEC Matador Coles Crane Restoration

After several years standing in a farmer’s field in Kent, the crane was obtained by MAVC, and work has begun by a dedicated team of volunteers to restore it to display standard. Every war time airfield would have had a Coles Crane. It was used in the general maintenance of aircraft and, due to its powerful engine and all six wheels being driven, would be used in the recovery of crashed aircraft away from the airfield. Due to its age (it was delivered to the Ministry of Supply in 1943!) most of the crane casing and cab have rusted beyond restoration and will need to be fabricated. You can help fund that restoration by supporting our Just Giving Campaign. Although the Crane is not yet open to public display restoration updates are posted regularly on our website, please visit Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre

September 12, 2023
Newark Air Museum News Item - Vulcan XM594 60th Anniversary of Operational RAF Squadron Service

On the weekend of 16th/17th September 2023 it will be sixty (60) years since Avro Vulcan XM594 entered operational squadron service with the Royal Air Force Vulcan Wing at RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire. To mark the anniversary, the Newark Air Museum (NAM) is hosting an Anniversary event at its site in eastern Nottinghamshire, close to the county border with Lincolnshire. The event is giving members of the museum’s Cockpit Opening Team the opportunity to provide FREE cockpit access to the Vulcan, to those people on the Reserve List for the 40th Anniversary event in February 2023. Participants for the free cockpit access to XM594 are being notified of their timed ticket arrival time for going on board the aircraft, where they will be hosted by several former Vulcan personnel. Throughout the weekend various Vulcan related displays are being hosted around the museum site and in the display hangars. On the Saturday NAM have an Aeroboot/Aerojumble aviation sale taking place, where people can search for various aviation items that will be on sale. In addition, a series of talks by ex-Vulcan aircrew is planned to take place throughout the weekend in the Dambusters Hut; whilst various former Vulcan air and ground crew will be hosting walk-round tours of the XM594. During the weekend various other museum aircraft and cockpits will be opening for viewing, as per normal, a small additional fee/donation is charged for access to these aircraft. The event is open to the public and normal museum admission rates will apply.

August 10, 2023
Military Aviation Heritage Networks

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire is now partnered with the Military Aviation Networks - regionally based groups of organisations that bring together thise who care about aviation heritage, its conservation, commemoration, display and sustainability.

August 10, 2023
Newark Air Museum News Release

Newark Air Museum News Release Vulcan XM594 Log Books – The Search Goes On! read more.....

July 26, 2023
Shackleton WR977 Work Starts at Newark Air Museum

On 25th July, 2023 installation work started on a bespoke scaffolding system around the nose and forward fuselage of Avro Shackleton WR977 at Newark Air Museum (NAM). This will allow teams of museum volunteers to work on this significant restoration and repainting project in safe conditions. In 2023 NAM successfully installed jacking pads underneath the aircraft, which allowed refurbished jacks to be installed under both wings of the aircraft. This allowed NAM to make the aircraft safe; helped to mitigate issues with the main undercarriage structures; and allowed the visiting public to once again have some access inside the aircraft. The installation of the new scaffolding by Inspired Scaffolding Services from Bilsthorpe near Newark will allow for restoration work to be undertaken on the front section of WR977 in a safe and secure manner. This work will include: sealing the main cockpit glazing; in-depth cleaning; conservation of, and the painting of this area of the aircraft. For most of the work period, WR977 will remain as part of the museum’s open cockpit offer. The modest contributions for accessing this iconic aircraft (when possible) will contribute towards the ongoing fund raising campaign to cover the scaffolding hire costs and the cost of the weekly safety inspections. The current anticipated timeframe for the work is ten weeks; from the end of July through to the first week of October. In these challenging times NAM is seeking support to help fund the costs associated with the hire and regular safety inspections of the scaffolding. This NAM fund raising campaign can be accessed via the following Just Giving page:

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire